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Welcome to the National Extranet Optimized Runaway and Homeless Youth Management Information System (NEO-RHYMIS). The Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) revised the Runaway and Homeless Youth Management Information System (RHYMIS) to add new services provided data reporting by its grantee agencies. This system, known as NEORHYMIS v2.1, has Basic Center Program (BCP) preventive services and Transitional Living Program (TLP) non-residential service data elements. These additions provide grantees new youth services options in the changing RHY environment.

Through NEORHYMIS v2.1, FYSB is able to collect and report information on the young people served by its grantee agencies, including youth demographics, services provided, and youth status at exit from the FYSB-funded programs - Basic Center, Transitional Living, and Street Outreach.

The NEO-RHYMIS data are cited in ACF's Reports to Congress, in annual performance reports required by the Government Performance and Results Act, in hearings and testimony, and in reports by others interested in youth issues, such as the media, national resource organizations, and researchers. Many FYSB grantees also share RHYMIS data locally with State or municipal agencies, funding sources, legislative authorities, advocates, and others who care about homeless young people.

NEO-RHYMIS provides the user community with the ability to display and create standard reports of data collected nationally by the RHY grantees in NEORHYMIS v2.1 for their use.

Privacy Statement:

The data in this online system are complete down to the level of the community-based organizations funded by FYSB. Anonymous nationwide records are collected annually for an estimated 50,000 BCP and TLP youth. The records have been collected for well over a decade and are available, but there are a few limitations on use involving privacy issues. If you are interested in more detailed research or have questions that can only be answered by individual youth data, please contact the NEO-RHYMIS Hotline at 1-888-749-6474. We will share this data with you, subject to certain assurances on your part.

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